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We provide professional technical consultation and management services. Our clients often encounter a range of technical issues in their daily operations and in their projects. Our technical consulting services provides insightful and practical solutions to help our clients solve their issues. Backed by our team of highly qualified and certified experts, we help our clients resolve, manage and overcome these challenges.

Why choose us

Our comprehensive support services is ready to meet Amazon Web Services Managed Services audit.

Our Billing Platform gives you a comprehensive dashboard view on your up-to-date AWS usage, giving you a good understanding of your overall expenditure and better control over your spending.
We built our service offerings to meet the highest service standards providing for easy management, cost and resource optimization, performance and availability monitoring.
Selecting our Advanced Management option gains you access to Advanced Security and Resource Management. This option gives you access to Advanced Support in Patch Management, Security Advisory and enhanced Resource Optimization. Speak to our experts to guide you on the details of this packaged option.
Our proactive monitoring helps you maintain both your application and application related infrastructure. Giving you better view over your application performance metrics which can be customized to your needs.
Turning on our Data Protection services gives you a peace of mind with a regular data snapshot provided at your stipulated refresh rates over all types of AWS data services including Amazon EC2, EBS, RDS, Redshift, Aurora and DynamoDB
With our Advanced Monitoring service, our tools will learn your application behavior and eliminate errors by drilling down to the individual lines of code. Optimize your application performance and stay ahead of outages.

Frequency ask

Does CloudHUB Managed Service manage application?

CloudHUB Managed Services manages certain applications and appliances that relate to infrastructure management, including endpoint security, directory services, bastions, logging, monitoring and critical network appliances. CloudHUB can monitor your application, but does not manage the configuration. We will co-work with your application vendor for any support and troubleshooting.

Does CloudHUB Managed Services for multi-cloud including on-premise enviroment?

No, AWS Managed Services focuses on managing operations for AWS.

How much does CloudHUB Cloud Managed Services cost?

The price of Managed Services is calculated as a percentage of Cloud usage within the accounts that we manage. For any else charge calculation request, please contact our sales representative.

How can I get started with CloudHUB's Managed Services?

Just give us a call and sign up a FREE IT Assessment today.

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