AWS CloudEndure

CloudEndure is a Saas service offering from AWS to migrate from any source(Physical, Virtual or Cloud) to AWS or from one AWS region to another within an AWS account and across different AWS accounts.

CloudEndure helps us in rapid and reliable migration with minimal disruption using a self-service platform.

It uses Block level continuous replication to replicate data on to the target AWS environment and automatic machine conversions to spin up target machines.

Why CloudEndure?


Migrate from any source, VM and Physical
Wide range of OS & apps support
Option to migrate back


Non-disruptive continuous replication
Short cutover windows and downtime
Highly secure for regulated Environments


Minimal skill set required to operate
Easy, non-disruption tests prior to cutover
Easily plugs into migration factories
  • CloudEndure is now supported by AWS directly

  • Design that is especially for rapid, mass-scale migrations
  • Simple setup that lets you start in minutes
  • Same highly autimated process for any workload (regardless of OS type/version, application, or databases
  • Elimination of complexity and reduction of risk
  • Migration with minimal business disruption

TCO Logic

TSO Logic provides the industry’s most accurate data-driven analysis of total cost of ownership and cost modelling for your ideal future state. It ingests millions of data points from your current environment, including age, generation and configuration of all hardware and software they’re running and each instance’s historical utilization. The software creates a fine-grained statistical model of compute patterns for all OS instances, showing how much you’re spending, where you’re over-provisioned, and where there are opportunities to realize significant savings both now and in the future

Using multiple machine learning influenced algorithms and pattern matching, TSO Logic determines the best fit for each workload from thousands of potential options, including public and private cloud, and gives you the insight you need to transform with confidence.

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