About the Customer

Chung Yuen Electric was established in 1927, and formally registered as a limited company in 1960. With the main business of distributing and retailing electrical appliances, it is one of the largest electrical appliance retail chains in Hong Kong. Rooted in Hong Kong for more than 90 years, many branches are located in major retail districts in Hong Kong, and provide customers with a variety of new audio and video products, digital mobile products, personal care & beauty products and household appliances.

Customer Challenge
Chung Yuen wanted to migrate one of their core business applications, eShop, an online shopping application to a public cloud provider. With the intent to enjoy reliable and scalable infrastructure with less management needs. Their application was custom built sometime back and was not ideal given the lag times in response and concerns over the application security.
Their existing eShop application runs on an outdated on premises operating system; thus requirement of utilizing the most updated operating systems.
Their application needed some tweaking to enhance their overall security as well as secure their application database.
These needs to be completed with minimal and after hours downtime as the application is running live and Chung Yuen wishes minimal disruption to customer experiences.

Why AWS?
AWS is seen as the premier public cloud provider with a strong network of expertise and newest technology support.

Chosing a Trusted Vendor
CloudHUB demonstrated our keen understanding of AWS and our solid skillsets with the migration and application development. Coupled with our references in the retail space we clearly understand the challenges faced by Chung Yuen.

Partner Solution
In consultation with the client, we decided on a re-architecting of the application as well as rebuilding the core shopping application. The existing application will not be suited for the cloud without taking advantage of the benefits of cloud technologies and especially AWS services. Thus, it was decided that the project was best to expand to not only re-architecting the application but also re-build what was necessary to maximize the benefits of the decision in moving to the cloud. Our DevOps team re-built the eShop with a customer endorsed Prestashop. Building the eShop application to sit on AWS CentOS AMI with latest patch update. Enhancing the customer interactions and experience.

Re-architecting the application design to maximize native AWS services based on cloud native application best practices. With decoupling CloudFront, S3, DB, Application, SMTP service into Well Architected AWS infrastructure, customer enjoyed all the benefits of auto-scalability, security and speed and resiliency. We added AWS native services of SES for email response, EBS snapshot for added data resiliency and backup; on top of standard AWS network services such VPN, NAT gateway as well as internet gateway. Security enhancement and cloud management best practices were deployed with a special attention towards securing their application database.
Proper scheduling and tight project management was enforced to meet customer expectations and minimise downtime to their online business.

We were able to exceed the client’s requests and also expanded the original intent of a application migration into a re-architecting for cloud native application with a re-building of the shopping application to enhance customer experience, increase speed of transactions and enhance overall security. Allowing for a better customer experience is crucial in today’s online shopping world.

Next Steps
Post the successful rebuild and re-architecting the application onto AWS, CloudHUB was engaged to manage Chung Yuen’s AWS environment. Allowing for not only 7×24 next generation managed services to be enjoyed, but also regular best practices checking and security monitoring.